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I made the switch from paper charts to Telin's Mediplan EMR in 2005. I have been extremely satisfied with Mediplan and it has transformed my practice. Telin's staff and support have been excellent. It has made my practice much more efficient and improved patient care. The automated receipt of lab and pathology results is highly efficient. I easily integrate digital photos and other data right into the patient's chart. Letters to referring Doctors can be batch faxed daily which has really streamlined my correspondence. Finally, I can access my system remotely online from home or while away at conferences and have instant access to patient records. I cannot imagine going back to a manual system!

Todd Remington, MD

It would be my pleasure to state my satisfaction with Telin as an EMR company. I have had a working relationship with them for the last three years. The company has excellent support with my clinic and I am pleased to say that they are willing to work with our clinic to develop further platforms and improve our product. I would be happy to discuss Telin with any individual interested. I am most pleased with our on-going relationship.

Debra Richards
Clinic Manager, Westgrove Clinic

The Oasis Medical Centre opened March 2010 and is growing strong, Our three locations within Calgary and Airdrie currently are using Telin Systems. Telin is a user friendly program, the technical support is great, when we have any concerns the matter is addressed promptly. Out of all of my years in the Medical field I would have to say that Telin is my favorite one to use. To any clinic looking to start or change there EMR I would have to say go with Telin.

Frances Savoie
Oasis Medical Centre Manager

I have recently had the opportunity to switch my office to a computerized office record system. After exploring a number of vendors, I chose to go with Telin for our software provider.

Initially I was very impressed with the Telin software for billing and medical charting. To date I have not been disappointed with my initial impressions. The Telin software, especially for the medical record, is extremely user friendly and efficient. I especially like the way the medical record is arranged and displayed on my computer.

Telin has proven to be a very supportive organization. They have provided my clinic timely phone support as well as in house training. They have dealt with any of my concerns and the concerns of my staff in a timely manner.

Telin has made my transition to a computerized medical record smoother. I have appreciated their support.

I would be more than pleased to recommend Telin as a service provider for any physician considering the conversion to a paperless office.

-- Robert Hauptman MD